AGJ type 1


AGJ TYPE 1 is our most simple standard container prepared for furnishing containers for almost any purpose.
It is used for storage, workshop, office or living without toilet – typically for container villages or in large installations on construction sites.

AGJ TYPE 1 comes with lamps, heater, window, door and electrical installations.

Note: Available also with a width of 2990mm and different heights, suitable also for halls with lower entry gates; it is also available in a variant with side windows/doors, door/window bars….

Dimensions 6058 x 2438 x 2820 mm
1 pc outside power supply 380V/32A
1 pc outside power terminal 380V/32A
1 pc distribution box 2 x 16A, 1 x 10A
2 pc fluorescent lamp 1 x 36W with tank
2 pc socket
1 pc socket for heating
1 pc switch
1 pc hanger board with five double hooks
1 pc plastic window 1800/1200mm, openable/ pivoted,
white, plastic roller shutter
1 pc convector heater 2 kW
1 pc galvanized outer door 875/2000mm