AGJ type 6

AGJ TYPE 6 is three joined AGJ TYPE 1 containers. It is possible to choose a thin, movable partition or no partition.

AGJ TYPE 6 comes with lamps, heater, window, door and electrical installations.

Note: also available with side passages. Contact AGJ for more information about atypical solutions.

Dimension 6058 x 9000 x 2600 mm
3 pc outside power supply 380V/32A
3 pc outside power terminal 380V/32A
3 pc distribution box 2 x 16A, 1 x 10A
6 pc fluorescent lamp 1 x 36W with tank
6 pc socket
3 pc socket for heating
3 pc switch
3 pc hanger board with five double hooks
3 pc plastic window 2000/1200mm, openable/
pivoted, white, plastic roller shutter
3 pc convector heater 2 kW
3 pc galvanized outer door 875/2000mm