AGJ type 5/S

AGJ TYPE 5/S is a sanitary container with bath, washbasin and and toilet.

AGJ TYPE 5/S comes with water, drain, lamps, heater, window, door and electrical installations.

Dimension 6058 x 2438 x 2820 mm
1 pc outside power supply 380V/32A
1 pc outside power terminal 380V/32A
1 pc distribution box 2 x 16A, 1 x 10A
2 pc fluorescent lamp 1 x 36W with tank
2 pc waterproof socket by washbasin
2 pc socket for heating
4 pc switch
2 pc plastic window 600/400mm, pivoted, white
2 pc convector heater 1 kW
2 pc galvanized outer door 875/2000mm
1 pc inner door 625/2000mm
4 pc inner door 600/1850mm
4 pc WC cabin with porcelain toilet and flushing
cistern, toilet paper holder
2 pc porcelain basin (cold/warm water)
1 pc porcelain urinal with screen
1 pc water heater 5l
1 pc PVC floor, bath